Tan Dun: Marco Polo (DVD)

ISBN: 0809478010104 Categorii: N.G.L. # Opus Arte. An apariție: 2009 Stoc: La comandă

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"Tan Dun's Marco Polo was, for me, a multi-dimensional experience which went beyond my expectations and indeed overwhelmed my senses...Here was an opera of our generation: a fusion of elements across time and space, a true testimony to the way our worlds have become intertwined in the globalisation process." (Bonjournal.com)

Charles Workman (Polo)
Sarah Castle (Marco)
Stephen Richardson (Kublai Khan)
Nancy Allen Lundy (Water)
Zhang Jun (Shadow 1 / Rustichello / Li Po)
Tania Kross (Shadow 2 / Sheherazada / Mahler / Queen)
Netherlands Chamber Orchestra; Tan Dun

Stage Director: Pierre Audi
Catalogue Number: OA1010D
Date of Performance: 2008
Running Time: 156 minutes
Sound: 5.0 DTS Surround; PCM Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic
Subtitles: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL
Label: Opus Arte

Tan Dun, Charles Workman, Sarah Castle, Stephen Richardson, Nancy Allen Lundy, Zhang Jun, Tania Kross, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
Casa Discuri
Opus Arte
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio

In ‘Marco Polo, an opera within an opera’, composer Tan Dun portrays the Venetian explorer's travels to the Far East as a journey of both inner and physical discovery, a voyage depicting spiritual experiences as well as a geographical expedition. At the same time the work, on a libretto by Paul Griffiths, can be seen as a compositional adventure of the composer himself, unifying the various cultural worlds he occupies: a blend of Western avant garde and Oriental traditions. Pierre Audi's mythical staging and Jean Kalman's fabulous set design complement the composer's own musical direction, forging the dazzlingly versatile soloists, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and Capella Amsterdam to a stunning symbiosis of elements across time and space, a true testimony to cultures intertwined in globalisation.

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