Tales From The Greek Legends

ISBN: 9789626340196 Categorii: N.G.L. # Naxos. An apariție: 1994 Stoc: La comandă

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Gods And Titans

1-1 Gods And Titans
1-2 The Creation Of Man
1-3 Perseus
1-4 Medusa The Gorgon
1-5 Andromeda On The Rock
1-6 The Most Deadly Weapon
The Labours Of Heracles
1-7 The Labours Of Heracles
1-8 The Labours Begin: The Nemean Lion
1-9 The Lernean Hydra
1-10 The Ceryneian Stag
1-11 The Erimanthian Boar
1-12 The Augean Stables
1-13 The Stymphalean Birds
1-14 The Cretan Bull
1-15 The Mares Of Diomedes
1-16 The Girdle Of Hippolyta
1-17 The Oxen Of Geryon
1-18 The Golden Apples Of Hesperides
1-19 The Hound Of Hades
The Adventures Of Theseus
2-1 The Adventures Of Theseus
2-2 Sinnis And Scyron
2-3 Cercyon And Procrustes
2-4 Medea The Sorceress
2-5 Arrival In Crete
2-6 The Minotaur Appears
2-7 Daedalus And Icarus
Jason And The Argonauts
2-8 Jason And The Argonauts
2-9 Jason Arrives In Athens
2-10 The Heroes Prepare
2-11 The Harpies
2-12 The Golden Fleece
2-13 The Argo Turns Homeward
2-14 Scylla And Charibdis
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