Spanish Night

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Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo was one of the foremost guitar composers of the twentieth century. His 1939 Concierto de Aranjuez, with its evocative Andalusian colour, indelible melody and subtle and effective orchestration, is assuredly one of the genre's best loved works. The passionate and vital Concierto Andaluz is scored for guitar quartet and orchestra, whilst in the Concierto Madrigal Rodrigo employs variation form to brilliant effect.

Joaquin Rodrigo, Dale Kavanagh, Amadeus Guitar Duo, Horst Backer, Eden-Stell Duo
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1. Concierto de Aranjuez: I. Allegro con spirito - Dale Kavanagh 6:14
2. Concierto de Aranjuez: II. Adagio - Dale Kavanagh 10:19
3. Concierto de Aranjuez: III. Allegro gentile - Dale Kavanagh 5:18
4. Concierto Andaluz: I. Tempo de bolero - Amadeus Guitar Duo 8:05
5. Concierto Andaluz: II. Adagio - Amadeus Guitar Duo 10:42
6. Concierto Andaluz: III. Cadence. Allegretto - Amadeus Guitar Duo 6:23
7. Concierto Madrigal: I. Fanfare - Amadeus Guitar Duo 1:58
8. Concierto Madrigal: II. Madrigal - Amadeus Guitar Duo 2:56
9. Concierto Madrigal: III. Entrada - Amadeus Guitar Duo 1:53
10. Concierto Madrigal: IV. Pastorcico Tú Que Vas - Amadeus Guitar Duo 1:43
11. Concierto Madrigal: V. Girardilla - Amadeus Guitar Duo 1:57
12. Concierto Madrigal: VI. Pastoral - Amadeus Guitar Duo 1:55
13. Concierto Madrigal: VII. Fandango - Amadeus Guitar Duo 2:11
14. Concierto Madrigal: VIII. Arietta - Amadeus Guitar Duo 6:48
15. Concierto Madrigal: IX. Zapateado - Amadeus Guitar Duo 5:20
16. Concierto Madrigal: X. Caccia a la Española - Amadeus Guitar Duo 4:48

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