Roussel - Symphony 3

ISBN: 0761195110720 Categorii: N.G.L. Ondine. An apariție: 2008 Stoc: La comandă

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Albert Roussel, Christoph Eschenbach, Orchestre de Paris
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1. Allegro Vivo

2. Adagio

3. Vivace

4. Allegro Con Spirito

5. Prelude

6. A Garden- Sitting In Her Web, A Spider Surveys The Surroundings

7. Entry Of The Ants- They Find A Rose Petal- With Great Effort They Lift The Petal And Carry It Away

8. Left Alone, The Spider Daydreams-Checking The Strength Of Her Thread- She Mends Her Web With The Thread She Draws From Her Pocket

9. Entry Of The Dung Beetles

10. The Ants Return- They Prepare To Carry Another Petal, When A Butterfly Appears

11. Dance of the butterfly...

12. The Spider Rejoices- She Frees The Butterfly From Her Web And Takes Her To It To Her Larder

13. The Spider dances- Suddenly Fruits Come Crashing Down From A Tree. The Spider Jumps Backwards

14. Fruit Worms Enter And Prepare To Revel In The Fallen Fruits.

15. Warlike entry of two praying mantises...

16. The Ants Dance In A Circle- The Mantises Blame Eachother For The Trick That Was Played On Them

17. The Matises Challenge Eachother To A Duel-The Fight-The Spider Dances-They Get Caught In The Spiders Web- The Spider Dances

18. A Mayfly Hatches

19. He Dances

20. The mayfly stops, exhausted.

21. The Mayfly And The Fruit Worms Dance

22. The Mayfly Dies

23. The Spider Prepares Her Feast, But One Of The Mantises Escapes, Freed By The Dung Beetles It Slips Behind The Spider And Kills Her

24. Death Throes Of The Spider

25. Funeral Of The Mayfly-The Funeral Cortege Sets Off And Vanishes Into The Distance

26. Night Falls On The Deserted Garden

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