Music Of Ramayana Vol. 1

ISBN: 3149025045164 Categorii: H.M. # Radio France. An apariție: 2002 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Music Of The Ramayana
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1. Ramlila: The Holy Man Vishvamitra Takes Rama And Laksmana Into The Forest.

2. Ramlila: The Holy Man Vishvamitra Takes Rama And Laksmana Into The Forest.
3. Ramlila: Rama And Laksmana Slay A Raksasa Demon Menacing The Peace Of The Vishvamitra Hermitage.
4. Ramlila: (Vishvamitra Takes Rama And Laksmana To The Tournament Organised By King Janaka For The...
5. Ramlila: The Announcement Of The Tournament: 'Whoever Breaks Shiva's Bow Will Marry Sita'...
6. Ramlila: In Ayodya, The Joyful Crowd Welcomes The Couple And Rejoices In The Imminent Coronation...
7. Ramlila: Episode Of Intrigue Leading To The Destitution And Banishment Of Rama (Citations From...
8. Ramlila: Lamentation Of The People As They Watch Rama, Sita and Laksmana Leave For The Forest In...
9. Ramlila: Hanuman's Visit To Sita, Prisoner In The Gardens Of Rwana's Palace. A Ring Falls At...
10. Ramlila: 'Wait Patiently For A Few Days, And Rama Will Arrive With The Monkeys'. Hanuman...
11. Ramlila: 'I See That You Are Of An Exceptional Audacity. What Offense Authorised You To Kill The...
12. Ramlila: The Battle. Hanuman In A Duel With Rawana. Laksmana Is Wounded. Rama Tells Hanuman To...
13. The Song Of Ramayana - Vinay Kumar Bhide/Pramod Sanhe
14. Kriti In Homage To Rama - Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi/L. Subramaniam

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