Music Masters Collection DVD

ISBN: 5055396350197 Categorii: Proper Music Distribution DVD. An apariție: 2011 Stoc: La comandă

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DVD 1 Nirvana Under Review This independent film draws on rare archive footage of Nirvana in performance, and focuses on the powerful portrait of the people and the music that changed the world. The DVD features the views of the people who were closest to the band, including Kurt Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, housemate Dave Reed, photographer and friend Alice Wheeler, and even his guitar teacher Warren Mason. Also featured are the opinions of leading rock critics, musicologists and Kurt Cobain s biographer Charles Cross. This is indispensable viewing for every Nirvana fan. The soundtrack features highlights from About A Girl, All Apologies, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Negative Creep, Blew, Lithium, Heartshaped Box, Rape Me, Pennyroyal Tea and more...

DVD 2 Nirvana Live Broadcasts Saturday Night Live performances broadcast live in 1992 and 1993 previously unavailable on DVD, plus rare interviews.Also features highlights from Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Territorial Pissings, Heart Shaped Box.

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