Mozart / Beethoven: Violin Sonatas

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Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, (22 April 1916 – 12 March 1999) was an American-born violinist and conductor who spent most of his performing career in Britain. He is widely considered one of the great violinists of the 20th century. He played the Soil Stradivarius, considered one of the finest violins made by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari. Yehudi Menuhin was born in New York City to a family of Lithuanian Jews.

Through his father Moshe, a former rabbinical student and anti-Zionist,[1] he was descended from a distinguished rabbinical dynasty. In late 1919, Moshe and his wife Marutha (née Sher) became American citizens, and changed the family name from Mnuchin to Menuhin. Menuhin's sisters were concert pianist and human rights activist Hephzibah, and pianist, painter and poet Yaltah. Menuhin's first violin instruction was at age four by Sigmund Anker (1891–1958); his parents had wanted Louis Persinger to teach him, but Persinger refused. Menuhin displayed exceptional musical talent at an early age. His first public appearance, when he was seven years old, was as solo violinist with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in 1923. Persinger then agreed to teach him and accompanied him on the piano for his first few solo recordings in 1928–29.

When the Menuhins moved to Paris, Persinger suggested Menuhin go to Persinger's old teacher, Belgian virtuoso and pedagogue Eugène Ysaÿe. Menuhin did have one lesson with Ysaÿe, but he disliked Ysaÿe's teaching method and his advanced age. Instead, he went to Romanian composer and violinist George Enescu, under whose tutelage he made recordings with several piano accompanists, including his sister Hephzibah. He was also a student of Adolf Busch in Basel. He stayed in the Swiss city for a bit more than a year, where he started to take lessons in German and Italian as well.

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Yehudi Menuhin
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Violin Sonata No. 24 in F Major, K. 376

1. I. Allegro - 04:23

2. II. Andante - 06:15

3. III. Rondo: Allegretto grazioso - 05:21

Violin Sonata No. 35 in A Major, K. 526

4. I. Molto Allegro - 04:34

5. II. Andante - 07:39

6. III. Presto - 06:13

Ludwig van Beethoven

Violin Sonata No. 1 in D Major, Op. 12, No. 1

7. I. Allegro con brio - 06:29

8. II. Theme and Variations: Andante con moto - 07:31

9. III. Rondo: Allegro - 05:07

Violin Sonata No. 10 in G Major, Op. 96

10. I. Allegro moderato - 09:31

11. II. Adagio espressivo - 05:56

12. III. Scherzo - 01:45

13. IV. Poco allegretto - 08:11

Recorded 1927 - 1944
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