Mega Mega Mega

ISBN: 5034202021728 Categorii: Domino Records. An apariție: 2010 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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THE COUNT & SINDEN Mega Mega Mega (2010 UK 12-track CD album - This eagerly awaited debut collection is an authentically British album jam-packed full of fusion tunes for a party loving generation; a record which is unapologetically honest playful and hedonistic. The huger than huge summer smash After Dark [featuring Mystery Jets] is the perfect introduction to the duos album Mega Mega Mega. It perfectly summarises the fun the friendships and the influences that have been integral parts to this album. Also aside from that its one of the most infectious singles youll here all summer. With additional album guests such as Rye Rye Katy B Bashy Trackademicks 77Klash and others the range of influences is vast and uncompromising. Welcome to the soundtrack to your party. Includes the CD-only Bonus Recording Hardcore Girls)

The Count & Sinden
Casa Discuri
Domino Records
Data Publicarii
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Format Audio
  1. Do You Really Want It - 3:41
  2. After Dark - 4:29
  3. Desert Rhythm - 4:28
  4. Hardcore Girls - 3:33
  5. Roll Out - 3:12
  6. Elephant 1234 - 4:16
  7. Hold Me - 3:39
  8. Mega - 4:24
  9. Addicted To You - 2:56
  10. Panther - 3:59
  11. Llamamé - 3:41
  12. You Make Me Feel So Good - 3:29
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