Lawes: Ayres

ISBN: 3760127221777 Categorii: H.M. # Harmonia Mundi. An apariție: 2013 Stoc: La comandă

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La Reveuse, Henry Lawes
Casa Discuri
Mirare Productions
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Format Audio

1. Have you e'er seen the morning sun?

2. Slide soft you silver floods

3. Bid me but live, and I will live

4. Divisions on a ground

5. Prelude

6. I rise and grieve

7. Or you, or I, nature did wrong

8. Neither sighs, nor tears, nor mourning

9. Almain

10. Whither are all her false oaths blown?

11. I'm sick of love

12. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers

13. Tregian's ground

14. When thou, poor excommunicate

15. Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders

16. Out upon it, I have lov'd

17. Courant

18. Cloches de Mr. Gaultier

19. Sweet stay awhile, why do you rise?

20. O tell me love! O tell me fate

21. Division on John come kiss me now

22. Wert thou yet fairer than thou art

23. Why so pale and wan, fond lover?

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