Italo Disco Club - Vinyl

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Italo-Disco is a musical genre derived from Disco that started in the early 80's. It became popular in Italy and Europe, before reaching it's peak in American clubs, especially in Chicago and Detroit. Discover 12 groovy tracks of the emblematic artists of this genre in their maxi version. Featuring Ken Laszlo "Hey Hey Guy", P. Lion "Happy Children", Kano "Another Life", Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita" and more.

Various Artists
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Wagram Music
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Format Audio

Vinyl 1

Side A:

  1. New Wage Slavery - Ken Laszlo
  2. The Night (Vocal) - Valerie Dore
  3. Dolce Vita (Extended) - Ryan Paris

Side B:

  1. Happy Children (Vocal) - P.Lion
  2. The World Is You - Miko Mission
  3. Acapulco Nights (Vocal Version) - G.J. Lunghi

Vinyl 2

Side C:

  1. Color My Love (Extended Version) - Fun Fun
  2. The Heart of the City (Vocal Mix) - Chris Luis
  3. Around My Dream - Silver Pozzoli

Side D:

  1. Another Life - Kano
  2. Magic Carillon (Vocal Version) - Rose
  3. Only You (Extended Version) - Savage
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