Greece - A Musical Odyssey

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Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and is renowned for its rich history, art, architecture, literature and philosophy. However, few outside of Greece are familiar with its vibrant music.

Including styles such as soulful rembetiko and elegant entehno, the music on Greece: A Musical Odyssey reflects echoes of Middle Eastern melodies, Balkan rhythms and folk music. It features George Dalaras and Glykeria, two of the most influential and popular artists in Greece. The album also includes Melina Kana, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Elly Paspala, Pantelis Thalassinos, Apenanti, Melina Aslanidou, Kostas Makedonas, Sofia Papazoglou, Gerasimos Andreatos and other respected figures in Greek popular music, as well as developing artists such as Kostas Mantzios and Theodosia Stiga. Also featured is Children of the Revolution, a US-based band led by Greek singer and composer Vasilli whose blend of Spanish flamenco and Greek traditions will be a discovery even for Greek audiences.

Greece: A Musical Odyssey features colorful Lonely Planet photographs, a Greek recipe, liner notes in English, Spanish and French, song translations and an informative glossary that will provide information and insight into this flourishing music culture.

Various Artists
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1 Apenanti with Melina Aslanidou - To Parelthon Thimithika
2 Kostas Mantzios - Eleni
3 Anastasia Moutsatsou - Pino Pino
4 George Dalaras - Sou Axize Mia Kaliteri Agalia
5 Elly Paspala - An Iparhis Kapou Esi
6 Children of the Revolution - Ragizi Apopse
7 Melina Kana - Arnisi
8 Pantelis Thalassinos - An M' Agapas, Tha S' Agapo
9 Theodosia Stiga - Ela Mia Nichta
10 Sofia Papazoglou & Gerasimos Andreatos - Ah, Feggaraki Mou
11 Glykeria - Ta Ziliarika Sou Matia
12 Kostas Makedonas - Exinta Dis Dolaria

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