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His debut in song. In search of new talents, Bruno Coquatrix notices Dalida at the Villa d'Este and the Drap d'Or. He suggested that he take part in a competition for amateurs: "The numbers 1 of tomorrow", organized at the Olympia. Present are Bruno Coquatrix, director of the premises, Eddie Barclay, young record producer and Lucien Morisse, director of the Europe 1 programs. For the anecdote, his career was played at 421. Lucien Morisse wishing to attend the competition and Eddy Barclay wanting to go to the movies. Lucien Morisse, captivated by the beauty of Dalida, summons her to her offices on rue François 1er a few days later, she quickly records her first single: Madona, a French adaptation of a Portuguese title by Amália Rodrigues, Barco Negro . Faced with this mixed success and a second disc, Le torrent, which was hardly more effective, Lucien Morisse thinks he has found the title that will be Dalida's trademark: Bambino. He blocks the song and has it recorded overnight. Result of the races: a song sold for 1/2 million 45 rpm, more than a year in the charts and first gold record. Lucien Morisse invents the bludgeoning, Bambino passes every hour on the antenna of Europe 1. On its momentum, Dalida shares, a few weeks later, the same scene of the Olympia, in first part of the spectacle of Charles Aznavour, then starring Gilbert Bécaud.

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