Cosi fan Tutte

ISBN: 0095115315224 Categorii: Chandos. An apariție: 2008 Stoc: La comandă

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Mackerras, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Janice Watson
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CD 1

1. Overture
2. Suspect Dorabella? (1. Akt)
3. Swords or pistols?
4. Woman's faith is like the phoenix
5. A poetical fiction!
6. I shall hire a band of players
7. This portrait alone is the face of Adonis
8. I can't think what's the matter
9. Here they are
10. Let me try. My courage fails
11. Tell us, for pity's sake
12. Courage fails me! For no evasion
13. It's a comedy, charming!
14. Oh, the soldier's life for me!
15. My friends, the time is lfying
16. You'll write long letters often
17. Are they gone?
18. O wind gently blowing
19. So far all's going splendidly!
20. A hell of an existence
21. My ladies, here is your chocolate ans buscuits
22. Cease not, remorseless love
23. Signora Doranbella, Signora Fiordiligi
24. In lovers and in soldiers
25. What a silence!
26. I've the honour to present you
27. What an outcry!
28. Like a fortress in ocean founded
29. Stay, I implore you!
30. O vision so charming
31. You seem delightes!
32. When you've quite finished laughing
33. Her eye so alluring

CD 2
1. Why has fate my life enshrouded
2. To die is all I lkong for
3. Now, ladies, calm yourselves
4. Well, I declare, you are a funny pair of young ladies (2. Akt)
5. At fifteen a girl already must be truly wise
6. Well, sister! What do you think?
7. I prefer the gentle dark one
8. Come at once to the garden
9. Gentle zephry, softly sighing
10. What is this masquerading?
11. Now give me your hand
12. Isn't the weather lovely!
13. This heart that I give you
14. Curel one, woulf you leave me?
15. He's leaving. Listen!...
16. Ah, my love, I pray forgive me

CD 3
1. We've done it!
2. Ladies have much variations
3. Ah! My brain is distracted!
4. Her treason is poison
5. Now at last you are acting as a sane woman should
6. Young love is unrelenting
7. All the world is conspiring
8. All too slowly the hours are fleeting
9. That's enough for me!
10. Man accuses the woman
11. Well, gentlemen, you've won them
12. Come, my friends, no more delaying
13. May the love, that has united then
14. Happy lovers! Fate conniving
15. Joy once more now our sorrow replaces
16. Happy is the man who calmly takes life strictly as he finds it
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