Brazilian Playground

ISBN: 0790248026923 Categorii: Putumayo. An apariție: 2007 Brand: Putumayo Stoc: La comandă

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Putumayo Kids presents Brazilian Playground, the latest in the label’s award-winning CD series for children. This new collection offers an enchanting mix of musical styles and artists from one of the most musical countries in the world.

Samba, bossa nova and forró are among Brazil’s most popular and accessible musical styles for adults and children alike. Brazilian Playground features these and other engaging rhythms that reflect the country’s diverse culture and easy-going way of life. In celebration of the exuberant sounds of this fascinating country, Putumayo Kids has collected 13 child-friendly songs from many of Brazil’s most talented musicians. Featured artists include Teresa Cristina, a leading samba singer, and Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, renowned the world over as a true musical pioneer who led the Tropicália movement of the 1960s.

The ninth CD in its educational Playground series, Brazilian Playground helps children learn about one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. It features multilingual liner notes in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, full color photos, a map of Brazil and a glossary of musical terms. Along with this release, the Putumayo Kids website will offer a free, downloadable 2-page Brazilian Playground learning guide for teachers and parents to use in conjunction with the CD.

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1 Gui Tavares - Pancada
2 Roberta Sá - Tum Tum Tum
3 Luiz de Aquino - Morena
4 Cláudio Jorge - Coco Sacudido
5 Marissa - Alô...Alô
6 Paulinho Guima - Êh! Sanfonero
7 Nazaré Pereira - Forró No Escuro
8 Gabriel Moura - Tem Fila
9 Teresa Cristina - Se a Alegria Existe
10 O Karaíva - Xote das Meninas (Ela Só Quer)
11 Adriana Maciel - Samba Dos Animais
12 Gilberto Gil - Expresso
13 Moska - Marinheiro Só

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