Beethoven - Piano Concerto No 5; Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto No 3

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Although, throughout his long career Horowitz did not often play Beethoven’s music in public, the introduction of the LP record in the early 1950s afforded an opportunity to record the Emperor Concerto with Fritz Reiner and the RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra. Clarity, poise and beauty, and variety of tone are the outstanding features of this interpretation, about which the British critic, Joan Chissell, wrote in 1990 that ‘More than any of Horowitz’s records to come my way in recent years, this one leaves me in no doubt as to why he grew into a legend.’ Rachmaninov’s Third Concerto became Horowitz’s calling card and a vehicle for his dazzling virtuosity. This 1951 reading is the second of his three commercial recordings.

Details of original recording : Remastered in 2005 by Mark Obert-Thorn

Vladimir Samoylovich Horowitz (October 1, 1903 Kiev – November 5, 1989) was a Russian-born American classical pianist and composer, who lived most of his life in the United States. He was acclaimed for his virtuoso technique, his tone color, and the excitement that was engendered by his playing. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists of all time.

Vladimir Horowitz, Fritz Reiner, Victor Symphony Orchestra
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Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73, 'Emperor' (Ludwig van Beethoven)

1. I. Allegro - 19:05

2. II. Adagio un poco mosso - 08:29

3. III. Rondo. Allegro - 09:46

Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30 (Serge Rachmaninoff)

4. I. Allegro ma non tanto - 15:22

5. II. Intermezzo. Adagio - 09:47

6. III. Finale. Alla breve - 12:13

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