Carti postale - Dog Box (Elliott Erwitt)

ISBN: 9780714850573 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse, Felicitari set. Brand: Phaidon Stoc: La comandă

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The publication of DogDogs, Elliott Erwitt's definitive collection of canine images, proved to be every dog lover's dream. Much more than a book of dog photographs, the edition is an unforgettable look at man's best friend throughout the world. From Airedales to Highland Terriers, from poodles to daschshunds, since 1946 Erwitt's dog images have been celebrated for their ability to arouse smiles.Now, for all those who found themselves unable to put down Erwitt's book, comes The DogBox: three unique sets of greeting cards. Like the book, which was praised for its innovative format with two fronts and no back (its photographs being neatly divided into horizontal and vertical shots), The DogBox is a witty package that promises to please. There are three DogBox sets, each including a selection of the best images from DogDogs: one contains 25 vertical cards and envelopes, the second contains 25 horizontal cards and envelopes, and the third set contains 50 postcards. Inside, the greeting cards are blank for personal messages.

Carte postala
190 x 127
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