World Classics Library: Homer: The Illiad and The Odyssey

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The Iliad and The Odyssey are two epic poems from Ancient Greece which have become cornerstones of Western literature. This stunning jacketed hardback brings together these two works in an accessible prose translation, ideal for those wanting to be thrown into the action of these thrilling tales

In The Iliad, the Greek's best warrior Achilles has abandoned the war with the Trojans on a mission of revenge. Only the death of his best friend Patroclus persuades Achilles to return to battle and confront the Trojan leader Hector in single combat. The Odyssey is set after the Trojan War as Odysseus sets off on his ten-year journey home to Ithica. Filled with fallible gods and foolhardy heroes, these two classic tales offer incredible insight into ancient Greek mythology and culture, as well as being thrilling reads.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The World Classics Library series gathers together the works of authors and philosophers whose ideas have stood the test of time. Perfect for bibliophiles, these gorgeous jacketed hardbacks are a wonderful addition to any bookshelf.

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