Very Bad People - The Inside Story of the Fight Against the World's Network of Corruption

ISBN: 9781913183509 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2023 Autor: Patrick Alley Editură: Octopus Publishing Group Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 336 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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'Reads like a John le Carre novel but is, in fact, very real.' - The Big Issue

'Very Bad People would be a hugely enjoyable thriller if it wasn't all true.' - Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

'Global Witness are fearless.' - Gordon Roddick, Campaigner and Co-Founder of the Body Shop

'Part true crime tale, part investigative procedural, this is the account of the brilliant and necessary superheroes of Global Witness, whose superpower is the truth.' - Edward Zwick, Director of Blood Diamond

'Very Bad People reads like a non-stop high-speed chase as our fighters against corruption hunt down a litany of criminals and con-men.' - David Farr, Screenwriter, The Night Manager

'The story told in this book of three youthful idealists is simply riveting. Don't miss it.' - Misha Glenny, author of McMafia

'Alley has produced a clear-eyed account of a world poisoned by dark money, and a welcome reminder that resistance is possible. As it turns out, his book is even more timely than he could have hoped.' - Irish Times

'This book is inspirational. It shows how young people with sufficient passion and intelligence have the capacity to go after some of the most powerful governments and corporations and shame, humiliate and just push governments to support important reforms that can make this a more decent world.' - Frank Vogl, Co-Founder of Transparency International

Arms trafficking, offshore accounts and luxury property deals. Super-yachts, private jets and super-car collections. Blood diamonds, suspect oil deals, deforestation and murder. This is the world of Global Witness, the award-winning organisation dedicated to rooting out worldwide corruption. And this is co-founder Patrick Alley's revealing inside track on a breath-taking catalogue of modern super-crimes - and the 'shadow network' that enables them.

Patrick Alley
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Octopus Publishing Group
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