The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy

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Every investor needs an edge.

Professional investors on Wall Street have the best education, the deepest knowledge of company accounts, the latest technology, and teams of analysts at their disposal to help them identify the best stock investments. That is their edge. As a part-time, individual investor, you cannot compete on their turf.

What can you do? This is where The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy comes in.

As you go about your life, there are companies you interact with regularly as a consumer. Some companies will stand out to you as having remarkable products or services, which you use time and again, and which you imagine yourself using long into the future. You may not have realised it, but you have an excellent knowledge of those companies. This is your edge. This is where you should invest.

In The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy, Wall Street equity adviser Edward Ryan describes the investment strategy he has used for his own personal investments for the last ten years and shows you, step by step, with full practical guidance, how to put it into practice yourself.

You do not need to know how to read company accounts, you do not need an MBA, and you do not need to spend hours each weekend reading the business pages. The strategy is simple and accessible to anyone who is a regular consumer of products and services in their daily life.

What's more, The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy also has built-in steps to help the investor construct a balanced portfolio, invest during market pullbacks when other investors are fearful, avoid overtrading, and deal with the sticky problem of when to sell an investment. These are all things that professional investors struggle with, but they are taken care of by The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy.

If you are ready to take a strategic approach to investing in stocks and start out on the road to building long-term wealth, The World's Simplest Stock Picking Strategy is your essential guide.

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How to make money investing in the companies in your life
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