The Wire - Issue 476 (October 2023)

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Inside our brand new issue:

  • L’Rain: Taja Cheek’s fluid songforms are a kaleidoscopic and personal response to the modern world. By Laina Dawes
  • Blevin Blectum: Blectum From Blechdom’s Bevin Kelley builds brave new worlds from mind-melding sound. By Emily Pothast
  • Trevor Mathison: The Black Audio Film Collective’s sound man rewrites the story of industrial music. By Esi Eshun
  • Invisible Jukebox: Paul Rooney: Will the Liverpool artist “Stay Polite” in the face of The Wire’s mystery music selection? Tested by Richard Thomas
  • Unlimited Editions: Red Hook Records
  • Unofficial Channels: DaMetalMessiah
  • Piotr Kurek: Folk legends feed this Polish composer’s imagination. By Miloš Hroch
  • Al Karpenter: Bilbao group spread their noise punk tentacles around the global underground. By James Gormley.
  • Kate Gentile: Drummer-composer’s shape-shifting adventures in metal and cosmic prog. By Stewart Smith.
  • Minaru: Transatlantic trio share their dreams via surrealistic improvised songs. By Robert Barry.
  • Global Ear: Beijing: Impromptu spaces provide platforms to a new generation of musicians. By Josh Feola
  • The Inner Sleeve: People Like Us on Marc & The Mambas’ Untitled
  • Epiphanies: Alvin Curran on Ella Fitzgerald

  • Print Run: Becoming Noise Music: Style, Aesthetics, History by Stephen Graham; High Bias: The Distorted History Of The Cassette Tape by Marc Masters; Sonic Life: A Memoir by Thurston Moore; Maps And Legends: The Story Of REM by John Hunter; Listen: On Music, Sounds And Us by Michel Faber; The Dark Tree: Jazz And The Community Arts In Los Angeles by Steven L Isoardi; This Must Be The Place: Music, Community And Vanished Spaces In New York City by Jesse Rifkin

  • On Screen: Maria Fusco & Margaret Salmon History Of The Present; Clyde Petersen Even Hell Has Its Heroes

  • On Location: Motvind, Oslo, Norway; Ross Hoyt/Leila Abdul-Rauf/Ryan Honaker/Ed Lloyd + Cecyl Ruehlen + Michael P Dawson + San Kazakgascar, San Francisco, US; Klangraum 2023 Week One, Düsseldorf, Germany; Etran De L’Aïr, London, UK; Sanatorium Of Sound, Sokołowsko, Poland; Joe McPhee + Decoy, London, UK; A L’Arme! Festival Vol X+I, Berlin, Germany; dj lostboi +Heaven’s Night, London, UK; Jazz Em Agosto, Porto, Portugal

  • On Site: Wolf Biermann: A Poet And Songwriter In Germany, Berlin, Germany

  • Soundcheck: Abadir, Deena Abdelwahed, Jessica Ackerley/Kevin Cheli/Gahlord DeWald, Jessica Ackerley/Yuma Uesaka/Colin Hinton, Aho Ssan, Siavash Amini, Anti-God Hand, Armand Hammer, Baker Ja Lehtisalo, Bile Sister, Brainiac 5, Jaimie Branch, Peter Broderick & Ensemble 0, Carl 666 Gustaf, Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi, Richie Culver, Giovanni Di Domenico, Dreamcrusher, Lee Gamble, Gunn Truscinski Nace, Loraine James, Darius Jones, Chris Korda, Emmanuel Jacob Lacopo, James Brandon Lewis Red Lily Quintet, Alvin Lucier, MAW, Elizabeth Moen, MrDougDoug, Oneohtrix Point Never, Paavoharju, Éliane Radigue, Éliane Radigue/Charles Curtis, Éliane Radigue/Ensemble Dedalus/Ryoko Akama, Matana Roberts, Setting, Matthew Shipp, Sparklehorse, Speaker Music, Tu-Ner, Vathres, Wild Up

  • The Boomerang: Chris & Cosey, Stuart Dempster, John Fahey, Annea Lockwood, Meat Joy, MEV, Native Nod, Pot Valiant, Six Finger Satellite, Sonic Youth, Carl Stone, Techno Animal

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