The Thank You Economy

ISBN: 9780061914188 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Autor: Gary Vaynerchuk Editură: Collins Business Tip copertă: Hardcover Număr pagini: 224 Stoc: În stoc

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The Thank You Economy isn't some abstract concept or wacky business strategy. It's the way we buy and sell, the way we're interacting as consumers, as employees, as entrepreneurs on all levels, right now. The way our marketplace functions has been evolving right before our eyes. Top-down, one-way exchanges are gone, replaced by relationships based on open, honest, and constant communication between customers and business. Today, individuals and brands that out-care and out-love their competition - those emphasising quality, value, responsiveness, and attention to detail, among other essentials - see the biggest returns. Gary Vaynerchuk contends that the people and companies harnessing the word-of-mouth power provided by multiplatform media - those that can shift their outlook and operations to be more customer-aware and fan-friendly - will pull away from the pack and profit in today's markets. In "The Thank You Economy", he dissects the companies on the leading edge, showing how they are succeeding - and sometimes failing. Laying out the ideas and insight that support this enormous change, Vaynerchuk explores these emerging connections - from consumer to consumer and business to business and everything in between. Passionate and persuasive, he reminds us that, surviving and thriving today it takes more than just hard work-it takes a heartfelt thanks to those who make it possible.

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Studii de business
Gary Vaynerchuk
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Collins Business
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