The Food Revolution

ISBN: 9781642503043 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2021 Autor: John Robbins Editură: Mango Media Colecție: Plant Based Diet, Food Politics, Plant Based Diet, Food Politics Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 400 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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“If every patient in every doctor's office read this book, it would revolutionize the health of America.” ―Neal Barnard, MD, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

#1 Bestseller in Agriculture & Food Policy

A book from the over-one-million-copies-sold author who made popular the connections between diet, physical health, animal cruelty, and environmentalism.

A revolution in food-politics. When John Robbins released an early version of this book in 1987, he took the first steps in the food revolution. His insight into the harm caused by America’s eating habits was a wake-up call for many.

Making conscious food choices. It is obvious to us that what we eat affects our bodies, but what we may not realize is that what we eat also affects our world. In fact, most of the foods that are bad for us (think genetically modified products) also negatively impact our environment. By approaching our eating habits with intentionality, we benefit our own health and that of the world we live in.

The value of a plant-based diet. Arguments for a plant-based diet are compelling and backed by over 20 years of work by Robbins focused on the subject of conscious eating. Exposing the dangers in our factory farming system, Robbins makes a definitive case for solely plant-based eating. This timely read on healthy eating will enlighten those curious about plant-based diets and fortify the mindsets of the already converted.

Read The Food Revolution and discover:

  • The negative effects of your current eating habits
  • A powerful case for plant-based eating
  • Wisdom from one of the most frequently cited books of the food-politics revolution

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Plant Based Diet, Food Politics, Plant Based Diet, Food Politics
How Your Diet Can Save Your Life and Our World
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