Spain: Culture and Passion

ISBN: 9788854406261 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Autor: Fabio Bourbon Editură: White Star Stoc: La comandă

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A land rich in history, culture and geographical diversity, Spain offers one of the most alluring travel destinations in modern Europe. With her old villages and busy cities, sun-baked countryside and magnificent coasts, Spain is like an old lady awakened from a long sleep during the rule of Franco. She now finds herself more beautiful and younger than she imagined, full of vitality and excitement. The Spain of the new era is optimistic and merry, sensual and communicative; her people have a natural cordiality, forward-looking spirit, and irresistible joie de vivre. This is a country cherished by art lovers and by those who appreciate history, as well as by those who want to plunge into the countrys exciting nightlife. Some will be drawn to the charms of modern cities like Madrid and Barcelona, or to cities with greater or lesser traces of Roman or Arab domination, medieval grandeur, and Spains colonial past: Avila, Burgos, Granada, Mlaga, Segovia, and Toledo. Others will seek the beaches of Costa Brava or the high plateau of La Mancha, a region that immediately brings to mind the exploits of Cervantes knight errant. Filled with full-color photographs and an informative text, this book will delight every reader with the way it captures the splendors of Spain.

Fabio Bourbon
Data Publicarii
White Star
Isbn 13
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