Serial Innovators

ISBN: 9781118149928 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Autor: Claudio Fesser, Daniel Vasella Editură: John Wiley And Sons Ltd Număr pagini: 202 Stoc: La comandă

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"The average life expectancy at "birth" of a firm is roughly 15 years, and only one out of twenty lives longer than fifty years. Firms are born, they grow, then they struggle to keep up with changing markets. Slow adapters often become big losers, fall by the wayside, and die. Serial Innovators studies the factors affecting the aging of firms, particularly those that slow down their ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace. The book reviews recent findings in relevant academic fields-behavioral economics, psychology, neuroscience, organizational science, network theory, anthropology, sociology, and strategy-to understand how firms, as they grow, develop rigidities that prevent change. It develops a model of organization that is adaptive, innovative, and can create significant value for its stakeholders for long periods of time".

Claudio Fesser, Daniel Vasella
Data Publicarii
John Wiley And Sons Ltd
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Isbn 13
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