Reference World Atlas

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Along with 128 pages of authoritative physical and political maps, Philip's Reference World Atlas provides a wealth of detailed reference information, including 8 pages of world statistics (highest mountains, biggest lakes, etc); 'World: Regions in the News'; a 48-page A-Z of sovereign states, illustrated with flags and locator maps; and a 16-page 'Images of Earth' section, showing spectacular satellite views across the globe.The world statistics section provides comparative listings of country sizes, city populations and dimensions of geographical features, such as oceans, seas, mountains, rivers, lakes and islands, for each continent. Topical maps of global flashpoints are provided for 'World: Regions in the News', including Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine. The 48-page 'Nations of the World' section provides detailed information about the geography, politics and economy of every sovereign state, together with listings showing population statistics, land area, ethnic groups and languages. Each entry is illustrated with the country's flag and a locator map. The 16-page 'Images of Earth' shows stunning satellite views of 40 fascinating geographical locations and features from around the world, accompanied by explanatory captions.The 128 pages of physical and political maps provide a balanced coverage of the world. Scales and projections have been chosen to maximize legibility and minimize distortion over the largest regions, and each map is accompanied by a locator diagram and adjoining pages indicator for ease of reference. The combination of hill-shading with physical colours creates an exceptionally vivid impression of the Earth's terrain.The alpha-numeric index of over 58,000 names includes geographical features such as mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts, as well as provinces, towns and cities.

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