Plan A Secure Retirement

ISBN: 9781444102246 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2010 Autor: Trevor Goodbun Editură: HODDER EDUCATION Colecție: Teach Yourself Books Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 272 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Are you only a few years away from retirement and fearful of how you will manage, particularly in the current financial climate? This book is aimed at those about to retire who want to make the most of their money in retirement but it's about much more than just pensions. All other aspects of managing finances for retirement are covered, from getting the best deal on a current account to leaving an inheritance in the most tax efficient way. And all in just one handy, portable book complete with jargon-buster!

Each chapter covers a specific aspect of retirement finances providing the facts in an understandable way, along with advice and tips. Throughout the book, case studies and the author's extensive personal experience of dealing with pension planning are used to clearly illustrate the points being made. No book can replace specific tailored advice from an expert but this book will help you to make more of your money through your own actions and tell you exactly where expert help is needed.
Written in a clear and reassuring way it will melt away the mystique of pensions and tackle the all-round financial aspects of planning for a comfortable retirement.

Trevor Goodbun
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Chapter 1: What do you want from retirement?
Chapter 2: Things to consider and research
Chapter 3: How much money will you need?
Chapter 4: Understanding pensions
Chapter 5: Pension choices: part 1
Chapter 6: Pension choices: part 2
Chapter 7: Shopping around for a better pension
Chapter 8: Tax and National Insurance
Chapter 9: Investment basics
Chapter 10: Investments: deposit accounts and National Savings
Chapter 11: Collective investments
Chapter 12: Investments: pensions and annuities
Chapter 13: Ongoing investment strategy
Chapter 14: Equity release
Chapter 15: Getting advice

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