Origami Made Easy Kit

ISBN: 9780804845458 Categorii: Tuttle, Diverse. An apariție: 2017 Autor: Vanda Battaglia, Francesco Decio Editură: Tuttle Publishing Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 96 Stoc: La comandă

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The best origami kit for beginners make simple and fun paper craft projects everything you need is included in the box! This essential guide clearly explains the folding directions and shows you how to read the diagrams and perform the folding actions in a series of simple and easy step-by-step lessons. You'll also learn about different types of origami paper, how to make a perfect square from any sheet of paper (for example a letter-sized or A4 sheet) and how to fold origami bases which can be made into any number of other origami shapes many of which are demonstrated in this book! By following the simple instructions in this book (and the accompanying YouTube videos) you'll quickly learn the basic techniques and notation of origami. This origami-for-beginners kit includes: A full-color, 96-page origami book Simple step-by-step folding instructions 14 fun and easy projects 60 sheets of double-sided, high-quality origami paper 15 different patterns and colors Step-by-step video tutorials. Origami Made Easy Kit opens up a whole world of interesting possibilities in paper folding! Pretty soon you will be amazing your friends and creating interesting new objects just starting with a plain piece of paper and folding it up in a minute or two. Voila!

Vanda Battaglia, Francesco Decio
Data Publicarii
Tuttle Publishing
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Step-By-Step Lessons for the Beginning Folder [Origami Book, 60 Origami Papers, 14 Projects, & Video Tutorial]
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