New York from above

ISBN: 9788854406124 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Autor: Elizabeth Bibb Editură: White Star Număr pagini: 224 Stoc: La comandă

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Elizabeth Bibb has written for magazines and newspapers, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and New York, as well as the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Times Herald. She was the founding editor of Careers, a magazine for young adults; senior editor of Condé Nast's Mademoiselle magazine, editorial consultant for Time-Warner Magazine Development, and editor-in-chief of American Health magazine's Sponsored Publications department. She is also the author of two books, In the Japanese Garden and Womb for Rent, and has also edited previous works by Michael Yamashita, including Zheng He and Mekong: Mother of Waters.

Michael Yamashita has combined his dual passions of photography and travel for over 25 years working for National Geographic. Yamashita's magazine photography has led to both book and film projects, including the award-winning films Zheng He, The Ghost Fleet, and Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed. His most recent books, both published by White Star, are Zheng He, and Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey. His other titles include In the Japanese Garden and Mekong: Mother of Waters.

Elizabeth Bibb
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