My little Paris

ISBN: 9782812304651 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Editură: Hachette Livre Editions du Chene Număr pagini: 156 Stoc: La comandă

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My Little Paris is the favorite website of Parisian women (200,000 women in Paris are members). In their first book, the creators of the site share their best-kept secret addresses in this book, to be the first in a series. Oh so chic and a little bit naughty, just like Parisian women, this is THE book to slip into your handbag when you visit the city. It is an amazing concentration of brilliant Parisian addresses illustrated by funny, elegant drawings by Kanako, a Japanese artist who captures on paper the Paris we all dream of.

Fany, the founder of My Little Paris, always finds well-hidden gems in the urban Parisian jungle. In two years, word of mouth turned her site into a must-have for Parisiennes. Completely unknown addresses, secrets for those in the know, and easy little escapades just to get out of the rut; all of this and more can be found in My Little Paris!

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Hachette Livre Editions du Chene
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Isbn 13
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