Motivate! - Level 4

ISBN: 9781380075918 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2013 Autor: Emma Heyderman, Fiona Mauchline Editură: Macmillan Colecție: Motivate! Tip copertă: Paperback Stoc: În stoc

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Workbook Motivate! 4 Workbook with additional two CDs for practicing grammatical phenomena, new vocabulary, etc.

New Motivate English course! is intended for pupils of the second grade of elementary school and lower grades of multi-year high schools aged between 11 and 16. Motivate course! has a recommendation clause of the MŠVVaŠ SR.

Motivate! it is divided into four parts, from level A1+ to B1 (Beginner to Intermediate). In terms of content, it is compiled in such a way as to interest the youth. The textbook also takes into account the different knowledge level of students at the beginning of the second grade. Methodically and didactically, it is prepared for classic mixed classes with differently gifted students (mixed ability classes). Therefore, a difference test is included in the introduction of the textbook.

The course is oriented towards acquiring and practicing basic language skills, such as writing, speaking, speaking and reading. It focuses on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and connecting the aforementioned language skills.

Motivate! has a clear and clear structure of the lessons. A large space is devoted to new grammar and vocabulary, their explanation, thorough practice and repetition. In the Progress Check section at the end of each lesson, students can check their knowledge, find out where they still have gaps and what they still need to study better. An overview of the grammar covered can always be found in the section called Grammar Guide. Vocabulary dictionaries are also being prepared for students and will be available at Part of the Culture Section are realities from English-speaking countries and they are continuously situated in each lesson with listening exercises and texts with CLIL intersubject relationships.

The student CD-Rom, integrated in the textbook, contains an interactive Digibook with tools for writing, drawing, joining, erasing, highlighting and recordings. Instructions for working with the interactive textbook can be found in the Help section.

To make it easier to differentiate the difficulty, the tasks in the workbook are marked with stars, from the basic level, through more advanced tasks, to tasks for more gifted challenging levels. The lessons in the workbook are divided into a section for practicing writing and other skills, a Revision section at the end dedicated to revision, and an Extension section for more gifted students, which serves to expand their skills. Additional workbook CDs contain recordings of texts from the Reading and Writing section, dictations, grammar check exercises, workbook recordings, additional vocabulary and conversation exercises.

Key features of the Motivate! course:

  • teaching grammar using writing and speaking exercises,
  • activating and age-appropriate texts and listening exercises,
  • content adapted to mixed classes with differently gifted students,
  • selected new and proven methods for teaching a foreign language,
  • links to cultural components and CLIL connections.

Emma Heyderman, Fiona Mauchline
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