Midnight Alley

ISBN: 9780749079222 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2008 Autor: Rachel Caine Editură: Allison & Busby Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Morganville is such a nice place to live...and die. If you don't mind that sort of thing. When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic.

The transfer is no longer an option, but that garlic may come in handy. Now Claire has pledged herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town. The protection her contract secures does little to reassure her friends.

All of a sudden, people are turning up dead, a stalker resurfaces from Claire's past, and an ancient bloodsucker extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.

Rachel Caine
Data Publicarii
Allison & Busby
Isbn 13
Istoric preț pentru: Midnight Alley

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