Managing Events

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Combining the practical and academic aspects of event management this text presents an industry perspective, with real-life event examples and contemporary and relevant case studies. It provides lecturers with a useful platform to integrate key event topics into the learning environment.

The book discusses the management process throughout the ‘event cycle’, from the pre-event planning stage; on-site delivery to the post event stage. The book is divided into 4 distinct phases, which are: The Event cycle; Before the event; Throughout the event and Beyond the event. Within each of these 4 sections, there are 2 or 3 separate chapters, each with their own objectives. The book discusses practical and operational elements, such as project management, marketing, sponsorship deals and risk assessment, that need to be put in place both before and during the event. The final section: Beyond the event, examines current and future event trends and issues, and discusses the various career paths that exist and the skills and qualifications required to gain employment and start a successful career in events.

Each chapter profiles someone currently working within the events industry, and presents a scenario of a real event challenge they have faced in their work role, relevant to the chapter. Further viewpoints from a second event practitioner and academic are included, before the final outcome is presented, showing us in each case, how real life situations develop and are resolved in practice within the events industry.

The feature Event Ethics explores a topical issue that should encourage lively discussion and the Did you know? section reveals an interesting and chapter-specific event fact. At the end of every chapter students can revise and extend their event knowledge with the list of Chapter Summary Questions, which help consolidate the learning outcomes. Additionally the Key Terms section explains any terminology used within the chapter. Each chapter concludes with a section called For the Classroom, featuring discussion points and activities based around the chapter content, as well as reference sources and suggested reading. Some of the forms and inserts used to contextualise the learning, will appear as weblinks for the students to download and use throughout.

Liz Quick
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SAGE Publications Ltd
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Real Challenges, Real Outcomes
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