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ISBN: 9781405081290 Categorii: Macmillan Distribution. An apariție: 2006 Autor: Mary Bowen, Louis Fidge, Liz Hocking, Wendy Wren Editură: Macmillan Education Număr pagini: 18 Stoc: La comandă

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Every unit begins with a large poster suitable for teaching the whole class. It introduces, presents and explains the kind of text children will read in Lesson 1 Reading and write in Lesson 7 Writing. The posters are an essential tool in achieving the reading and writing aims for each unit. He first International English coursebook based on how English is taught to native speaker children. Macmillan English is a unique blend of first language methodology and support for non-native learners. Macmillan English grows with the children. The wide range of integrated components provides a complete language learning tool. Macmillan English Teacher's Book gives teachers the support they need when they need it. The 18-episode Macmillan English Fluency Book introduces children to the pleasure of listening to and speaking in English. The cross-curricular contents make Macmillan English a unique learning tool with a gradual shift towards learning English as a first language at higher levels

Course Elements:

The Fluency Book is the primary source-book for the students. Its purpose is the presentation of new topics, language and vocabulary through a continuing story. It is an inviting story book, it includes stickers. Students are encouraged to read and re-read it throughout the year. The Fluency Book is supported by Posters, and by an Audio cassette or CD with a dramatised version of the story. The Language Book contains reading, writing, listening and grammar, it recycles and extends the vocabulary and structures introduced in the Fluency Book. The Practice Book provides ample individual practice opportunities either for the classroom or homework.

Mary Bowen, Louis Fidge, Liz Hocking, Wendy Wren
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