Juvenile Delinquency, Crime and Social Marginalization

ISBN: 9781787436121 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2018 Autor: Miguel Pereira, Angela Maia Editură: Emerald Publishing Limited Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 96 Stoc: La comandă

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This book examines the psychosocial, legal, and familial factors at play in the persistence
in crime and social marginalization in adults with a history of juvenile delinquency,
setting out the political and social implications, and delineating new lines of research.

Presenting, for the first time, a summary of the main findings and conclusions of The
Portuguese Study on Delinquency and Social Marginalization (PSDSM), this study
addresses the following topics: the role of youth psychosocial factors on desistance
from crime during adulthood in individuals with a history of juvenile delinquency;
the relationship between serious adverse childhood experiences (e.g., having lived
with a person with mental illness, physical abuse, emotional neglect) and juvenile
justice involvement, persistence in crime, and psychosocial problems; the mechanisms
involved in the link between serious childhood adversity and delinquency; the role of
the juvenile justice system on psychosocial problems and persistence in crime during
young adulthood; and finally the relation between adult psychosocial problems and
criminal indicators in individuals with official record of juvenile criminal offenses.
Findings from PSDSM have resulted in an extensive list of political and social recommendations for child protection services, justice system, mental health services, schools and universities. This timely title explores these findings and recommendations.

Miguel Pereira, Angela Maia
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Emerald Publishing Limited
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Social and Political Implications
Istoric preț pentru: Juvenile Delinquency, Crime and Social Marginalization

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