Italian Lakes Baedeker Guide

ISBN: 9783829768009 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2012 Autor: Various Map Artist Editură: Mairs Geographischer Verlag,Kurt Mair Număr pagini: 330 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Wonderful lake scenery and Mediterranean flora, spectacular mountains, picturesque towns and famous works of art - the Italian lakes offer a huge range of delights. Baedeker; the most famous and cherished travel brand in the world is pleased to add this exciting new title to its innovative series. This superb full-colour, illustrated guide features 3D laminated cut-outs to show you the key sights in perspective and a large, fully-indexed, pull-out map. Additional detailed maps and plans can also be found throughout the guide, clearly pin-pointing the best places to stay and the top places to eat and drink. At the heart of the guide is a wealth of comprehensive information written by experts on the sights and top attractions, in an easy-to-read A-Z format. Also included are great, practical travel tips covering accommodation and food and drink for all budgets, entertainment, sport, transport and health; not to mention some insider tips for saving money or having a unique travel experience. There is also a variety of recommended tours covering the best routes available, to ensure you get the most from your destination. The plastic wallet allows you to keep the guide and map together and ensures that both will survive in all weather. Baedeker - setting a new standard in 21st century, travel guide publishing.

Various Map Artist
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Mairs Geographischer Verlag,Kurt Mair
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Isbn 13
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