Introduction to English as a Second Language Coursebook with Audio CD

ISBN: 9781107686984 Categorii: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University Press. An apariție: 2014 Autor: Peter Lucantoni Editură: Cambridge University Press Stoc: La comandă

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Introduction to English as a Second Language is a course to prepare students for studying at IGCSE or equivalent level. Presented in a colourful updated design and offering clear, practical support for students, it follows a variety of interesting themes and topics, with a focus on skills development: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each unit provides opportunities for thinking and discussion, along with developing research and study skills. Furthermore, each unit has a specific language-focus section to revise and consolidate key areas of language awareness and activities for vocabulary building. Audio CD is included for use with the listening activities.



Part 1. The World around Us: Unit 1. How many planets are there in space?

Unit 2. What's a living creature?

Unit 3. What's a hurricane?

Unit 4. Are there any monsters in the ocean?

Unit 5. What's an ecosystem?

Unit 6. Can bees scare elephants?

Unit 7. Can penguins see underwater?

Unit 8. How hot are chilli peppers?

Part 2. Human Endeavour: Unit 9. Who was Ibn Battuta?

Unit 10. What's the best job for a teenager?

Unit 11. Who are the Maasai?

Unit 12. What does a triathlete do?

Unit 13. How much water do you use?

Unit 14. How important is oil?

Unit 15. How do you say bridge in your language?

Unit 16. Where are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

Unit 17. What impact does fashion have on teenagers?

Unit 18. What does that sign mean?

Appendix 1. Audioscripts of accompanying CD

Appendix 2. Paired texts.

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