In Company 3.0 ESP. Supply Chain Management Teacher's Edition

ISBN: 9781786328892 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2017 Autor: John Allison, Jeremy Townend Editură: Macmillan Education Tip copertă: Paperback Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate to B2 Upper Intermediate.

In Company 3.0 now offers new ESP modules for business professionals who require tailored content for their specialist areas. These new titles incorporate the highly popular, tried-and tested communicative approach of the In Company series along with the functional language and vocabulary that students need. The process-oriented syllabus is based around key tasks learners need to accomplish at work, as well as skills-based work to build confidence. The modules can be used flexibly: in conjunction with In Company 3.0, with other titles, or alone as a short course.

For Teachers:
• Flexible, light package of specialist short modules ideal as a standalone course or in conjunction with a main course book
• Teacher's Edition Student's Book Pack includes the Student's Book and access to a Teacher's Resource Centre containing additional teaching materials, such as worksheets, assessments and tests, mapping documents, and audio and video files
• Teacher's Presentation Kit included in the Teacher's Resource Centre, which is perfect for online training or in-class heads-up learning
• Personalisation tools and built-in 'frameworks' enable you to adapt the tasks to learners' individual jobs and circumstances
• Enrich work for different professional skill strands with signposted references to the wealth of related skills material available in In Company 3.0

For Students
• Checklists provide transparent learning outcomes which allow learners to demonstrate what they have learned to their employers, and measure learning at a glance
• The video lessons include analysis of phonological features to improve students' listening comprehension
• Downloadable audio and video content which is accessible any time through the Student's Resource Centre as well as other material such as translated glossaries and worksheets
• Authentic video content with new specialist In Company 3.0 interviews with real business professionals from the related
• Students can also activate passive technical vocabulary through the wide range of authentic speaking and listening
activities which have an 'insider' feel
• Numerous opportunities to practise and rehearse real-life situations help build confidence in English for students'
day-to-day work

John Allison, Jeremy Townend
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Macmillan Education
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