Get Involved! A2+ Student's Book with Student's App and Digital Student's Book

ISBN: 9781380068835 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2021 Autor: Gill Holley, Kate Pickering Editură: Macmillan Education Tip copertă: Paperback Stoc: Stoc limitat

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In each unit of the Student's Book teens gather the knowledge, language, and skills to be able to answer the WDYT? (What do you think?) question that opens each unit. With this blended version, comprising the print and digital Student's Book as well as the Student's App, switching between online and face-to-face classes is an effortless task.

What makes a hero? What is an ideal school? Why do people dress up? Each unit starts with a question to generate curiosity and ensure every student gets involved. Throughout the unit learners gain the knowledge, the language, and skills to answer the question in the end-of-the-unit Collaborative Project. Completing the project gives students an opportunity to use the new language and skills straightaway.

Key features

Get Involved! provides authentic contexts and empowers students to talk about real-life issues with confidence through the Collaborative Projects.

Practical solutions for mixed-ability classes include Brain Teaser logical activities and Workbook exercises at three different levels of challenge so everyone can succeed and show their talents.

Three genres of video in every unit expose students to English as it is really spoken and help them develop their language and visual literacy skills.

Gamified activities on the Student's App encourage students to practise English outside the classroom while teachers can monitor their work through the Progress Tracker in the Teacher's App.

With the fully flexible component mix, including a range of digital tools for teachers and students, the course is ready for teaching face-to-face, online or any combination of the two.

Gill Holley, Kate Pickering
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Macmillan Education
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