Gateway B1+ Teacher's Book Premium Pack

ISBN: 9780230473164 Categorii: Diverse, Macmillan Distribution. An apariție: 2016 Autor: Anna Cole, David Spencer Editură: Macmillan Education Ediție: a II-a Colecție: Gateway 2nd Edition Tip copertă: Paperback Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Gateway 2nd Edition maintains the clear structure of the 1st Edition, including regular recycling of vocabulary and grammar and step-by-step development of writing and speaking skills. With exam practice and exam-style tasks embedded throughout the course, Gateway 2nd Edition supports students in preparation to excel in their exams. In addition, there is a strong focus on developing independent learning and thinking skills with new Life Skills lessons, flipped classroom videos and critical thinking activities. Gateway 2nd Edition offers an extremely flexible digital package which includes a Presentation Kit, Test Generator, Teacher and Student's Resource Centres, Digital Student's Book, Online Workbook and Macmillan Sounds App.

Key Features:
• Flipped classroom grammar presentation videos from author Dave Spencer
• Gateway to Life Skills lessons, including academic skills, with video activities and collaborative projects and presentations
• Critical thinking activities within reading lessons
• Gateway to exams lessons every two units
• Exam success tips and exams success bank
• Study skills tips and study skills bank in the Workbook

Anna Cole, David Spencer
Data Publicarii
Macmillan Education
a II-a
Tip Coperta
Gateway 2nd Edition
Istoric preț pentru: Gateway B1+ Teacher's Book Premium Pack

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