Elements of Japanese Design

ISBN: 9780804837491 Categorii: Diverse, Tuttle Shokai. An apariție: 2006 Autor: Boye Lafayette De Mente Editură: Tuttle Publishing Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 128 Stoc: La comandă

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Learn the elements of the timeless beauty that is Japanese design in this concise reference volume. Japanese design is known throughout the world for its beauty, its simplicity, and its blending of traditional and contemporary effects. This succinct guide describes the influence and importance of 65 key elements that make up Japanese design, detailing their origins and their impact on fields ranging from architecture and interior design to consumer products and high fashion. Learn, for example, how the "wabi sabi" style that's so popular today developed from the lifestyle choices made by monks a thousand years ago. And how unexpected influences like "tatami" (straw mats) or "seijaku" (silence) have contributed to contemporary Japanese design. "Elements of Japanese Design" offers new insights into the historical and cultural developments at the root of this now international aesthetic movement. From "wa" (harmony) to "kaizen" (continuous improvement), from "mushin" (the empty mind) to "mujo" (incompleteness), you'll discover how these elements have combined and evolved into a powerful design paradigm that has changed the way the world looks, thinks and acts. Chapters include: Washi, Paper with CharacterIkebana, Growing Flowers in a VaseBukkyo, The Impact of BuddhismShibui, Eliminating the UnessentialKawaii, The Incredibly "Cute" SyndromeKatana, Swords with Spirit"

Boye Lafayette De Mente
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Tuttle Publishing
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