Elan 1: AS Audio CD

ISBN: 9780199153343 Categorii: Oxford University Press. An apariție: 2008 Autor: Daniele Bourdais, Marian Jones, Gill Maynard, Caroline Terree Editură: Oxford University Press Colecție: Elan Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Elan AS audio CDs are revised and updated to meet with the 2008 specifications. Elan is a two-part Spanish course for AS and A2. Elan 1 is aimed at AS level and comprises a Students' Book, Teacher's Book, CDs and cassettes. Elan 2 is for A2 students and has the same components. This course
provides a smooth transition from GCSE to A Level, with a diagnostic test to determine students' abilities, clear grammatical explanations and full practice and language learning strategies. There is an accompanying Spanish Grammar Workbook to further practise and consolidate key grammatical points.

The CDs contain a variety of authentic listening activity, including interviews, reports, dialogues and discussions

Daniele Bourdais, Marian Jones, Gill Maynard, Caroline Terree
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Oxford University Press
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