Dating Cards

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Great dates are made up of great conversations: ones where we find out more about one an-other, discover what makes us both tick, share some of what we like and reveal how we see the world.

This is a collection of cards that can be used on a date to help provoke the best kinds of discussion. This pack includes 52 cards, each one posing an intriguing question or setting a challenge, designed to provoke, entertain and stimulate. As a bonus, the cards are graded according to how probing they are (Easy, Medium and Hard) so that you can playfully match the discussion with the flow of an evening.
Please note: this game contains adult content.
The School of Life was founded in London in 2008. They are devoted to allowing people to think intelligently about central emotional concerns.
This range features tools and accessories and beautiful stationery. These products feature key ideas from philosophy to literature, psychology to the visual arts – ideas that will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind.

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The School Of Life
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School of life
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