Batman and The Joker Plus Collectibles

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BATMAN together with his ultimate archenemy, the JOKER! Includes special edition guide book and TWO collectible 5.5" VINYL FIGURINES!

Explore the twisted and tangled relationship between Batman and the Joker through character profiles, tales from Gotham City, examine their greatest stories and the publishing history of these best-of-enemies through 75 years of history - from the Golden Age of comics to the Modern Age. Included with this set are two masterfully sculpted 1:14 scale vinyl figurines of the Dark Knight and the Joker!

Batman and The Joker - two eternal opposites, the savior of Gotham City and its tormentor. One seeks to protect the innocent, the other wants to prove to them that life is all one sick joke. This guide celebrates the greatest tales from over 75 years of conflict, including the stories of Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder. Spectacular visuals include the work of Frank Miller and Greg Capullo. This essential companion also takes you behind- the-scenes to discover the secrets of Gotham City, from the Batcave to the Gotham City Police Department files on The Joker. Taking you right up to the present day, these pages will help you decide who really has the last laugh...

A glimpse into the twisted and tangled relationship between Batman and the Joker, packaged with special vinyl figurines of Batman and The Joker.

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