Architecture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

ISBN: 9781350165519 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2021 Autor: Neil Leach Editură: Bloomsbury Visual Arts Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 176 Stoc: La comandă

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere from the apps on our phones to the algorithms of search engines. Without us noticing, the AI revolution has arrived. But what does this mean for the world of design? AI and the Design Revolution the first volume in the two-book series Architecture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence introduces AI for designers and considers its positive potential for the future of architecture and design. Explaining what AI is and how it works, the book examines how different manifestations of AI will impact the architectural profession. Highlighting current case-studies as well as near-future applications, it shows how AI is already being used as a powerful design tool, and how AI-driven information systems will soon transform the future of buildings and cities. Far-sighted, provocative and challenging, yet rooted in careful research and cautious speculation, this book, written by architect and theorist Neil Leach, is a must-read for all architects and designers including students of architecture and all design professionals interested in keeping their practice at the cutting edge of technology.

Neil Leach
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Bloomsbury Visual Arts
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An Introduction to AI for Architects
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