Academy Stars Level 1 Pupils Book Pack

ISBN: 9780230490956 Categorii: Diverse, Macmillan Distribution. An apariție: 2017 Autor: Kathryn Harper, Gabrielle Pritchard Editură: Macmillan Education Colecție: Academy Stars Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 144 Stoc: În stoc

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Scale the heights of the Academy Stars skyscraper and aspire to excellence with this new seven-level course! Modern lessons are based on a comprehensive skills and grammar syllabus where English is as academic as it is communicative. Extending beyond just learning a language, Academy Stars prepares students for success on a local and global scale.

For Teachers:

• Strong reading, writing and grammar syllabus that uses a step-by-step teaching approach

• Easy-to-teach material that works straight from the Pupil's Book with the Teacher's Book offering clear instruction and ideas for additional activities

• Supportive teacher professional development strand focusing on mixed-ability teaching and classroom management

• Hands-on teaching with the digital Presentation Kit brings your classes to life

• Comprehensive Methodology Handbook to develop your teaching skills

• Regular reviews combine with substantial assessment coverage using the Test Generator and Assessment Pack including CE:YL Test practice

For Your Students:

• Strong learning skills strand develops critical thinking, learner autonomy and social values setting students up with skills for life

• Innovative approach to grammar using visual building blocks of English with 'Graphic Grammar' boosting comprehension and retention

• Motivational 'Be a star!' feature encourages production and communication, monitoring success and progress with clear language aims

• Develop effective language learners and improve fluency through the rich reading and visual literacy programme that builds learner confidence

• Lively reading and grammar animations provide a vibrant and memorable learning experience

For Parents:

• Pupil's Practice Kit with interactive activities and videos for extra practice at home

• Supportive Parent Guide provides advice for parents to continue learning at home

Kathryn Harper, Gabrielle Pritchard
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Macmillan Education
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Academy Stars
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