Carnet - Moleskine Sakura - Pocket, Hard Cover, Plain - Hanafubuki

ISBN: 8056420857450 Categorii: Diverse, Carnete small. Brand: Moleskine Colecție: Moleskine Sakura, Moleskine Limited Edition Tip copertă: Hardcover Stoc: În stoc

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As stunning as it is short-lived, the sakura season in Japan shows the natural world at its most dazzling. This Limited Edition Notebook captures the delicate and momentary nature of cherry blossom, which in Japanese culture represents the equally momentary nature of life. But sakura is also about starting over, a nudge to remind us how astounding life can be. With its silk-screen printed cover in delicate shades of pink, this pocket-sized plain notebook is your private space to capture inspiration before it floats away on the breeze.

The warm, satin-effect cover of this Sakura Limited Edition Notebook is a hanafubuki (a cherry blossom snowstorm) to keep with you all year long. The reusable paperband B-side has decorative sakura tags to cut out and share, while the cover and matching elastic closure open to reveal themed endpapers and a color-coordinated bookmark ribbon. Delve further into the notebook to discover sakura stickers created to bring a breezy springtime feel to your notes, and a themed story card that can also be used as a bookmark.

Celebrated in Japanese culture as a symbol of the transient beauty of life, sakura season is a time of joy and renewal. Turn the page to reawaken your creativity and welcome inspiration all year long.


- hard cover with Sakura Limited Edition theme
- rounded corners
- elastic closure
- ivory-colored, 70 g/m², acid-free plain paper
- matching bookmark ribbon
- story card with themed message
- themed stickers
- expandable inner pocket in the back
- 'In case of loss' notice printed on the flyleaf
- reusable themed paperband B-SIDE featuring additional printed tools
- lies flat, opens at 180°
- the history of Moleskine is inside

Moleskine creates FSC-certified products.

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Moleskine Sakura, Moleskine Limited Edition
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