Jurnal - Midi, Lined - Nox

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For the celestially minded and lovers of dark light, we present Nova Stella Nox, inspired by a 1768 Roman book binding. This cover, with its central star shape, exerts an emotional pull like the North Star for nighttime wayfarers. If you are inclined to contemplate the cosmos, look no further than this satin black cover.

The Paperblanks tradition of reproducing vintage book covers showcases our appreciation of decorative bookbinding traditions. In this, our Nova Stella series, we wish to guide you back to the second half of the 18th century and its distinct manner of embellishing book covers.

The book whose cover is reproduced here is a 1768 publication of Missale Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum, a volume containing instructions and texts for priests to use at mass throughout the year. It was published in Rome by Octavio Puccinelli, some of whose publications can still be found in major libraries around the world.

Certain elements of this design bring to light its origins. A major way in which 18th-century bindings differed from their 17th-century counterparts was how ornaments filled the space of the surface. Rather than creating ornate patterns that would fill out every available corner, binders would direct more of their efforts toward fashioning exquisite frames. The middle section would often remain blank or, as in this case, would feature a central object to complete the composition.

Upon a closer look at the shape in the middle of the design, you will discover that it encircles the monogram “IHS,” with a cross on top and a heart pierced with three nails just below. The monogram has been in use for many centuries, and over the years there have been many different interpretations of its meaning. Its true origin, however, is that it represents the first three letters of the name “Jesus” when written in Greek. This is a very subtle reference to the book’s contents, craftily worked into a design that otherwise impresses with its opulence of a secular kind.

With the help of the different colours that we used in combination with this design, we sought to reveal even more of its magnificence. For this Nox cover and its nocturnal theme, we chose a very dark tone. In this shade you will find the sense of luxury of velvet and suede, and the grandeur of 18th-century cathedrals adorned with heavy draperies and dark woods.

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